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Monday, April 29, 2013

India will be manufactured Galaxy S4


    Over time we have all gotten used to the idea that everything is produced in Asia, and by this we mostly refer to China, Korea and/or Vietnam. However, even though these countries provide a lot of affordable
workforce for major companies, this is not the only place one can outsource their production line. India is a country that fits into the profile as well, and it also has a quite a lot of  qualified workforce. A report from ZeeNews says that Samsung India has announced that they will be responsible for
manufacturing a part of the new flagship devices. The quantity was not disclosed in the announcement

     "We are planning to start manufacturing of S4 soon at our Noida facility," Samsung Mobile and Digital Imaging Country Head Vineet Taneja said.

 Noida is actually short for New Okhla Industrial Development Area and the facility in this area produces roughly around 40 million smartphone devices each year. Vineet Taneja did not discus how many Galaxy S4 units the facility will produce nor when the production process will begin.

 So far, Samsung has been quite pleased with the success of Noida and they currently already have 12 smartphones in production in this facility. The most famous out of which is no doubt their Samsung Galaxy S3. The newest flagship will soon join the production line and Samsung is hoping to sell more of their high-end devices in India this year. Currently, India makes for 10% of Samsung's income so isn't a bad idea at all to focus on this market.

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