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Friday, May 3, 2013

Galaxy S4 To Ship With Wolfson Audio Chip

     There are so many of the "little things" that we often do not consider nor talk about when it comes to phone reviews. There a lot of reasons for this, but mostly writers do not include some
of the specs or features because the general public either doesn't view them as important or their editors think it makes the article too long. Either way, audio is one of those things when it comes to most smartphones and we never really talked about it on the Galaxy S4. Well, this article will try to right the wrong and introduce you to a company called Wolfson Microelectronics who will apparently
creating the audio chips that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will use
According to the report from the Inquisitor Scottish-based company Wolfson Microelectronics has signed a licensing deal with Samsung. It appears that the Korean giant plans to use their audio chips for its popular range of Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Among these devices is the Samsung Galaxy S4, the latest flagship device that Samsung will soon be releasing worldwide

While this company isn't exactly Dolby Audio, they are not so unknown as people might think. In the past they have provided their chips to many companies, including Apple who used their chips for their iPod series as well as a few of the iPhones. The Samsung Galaxy S also features a chip from this company, and we will soon be seeing a lot more of their technology in Samsung's devices.

 This agreement means that Wolfson is now Samsung's primary audio partner and you can be sure that all of this additional income that they will make will certainly be used to invest into their research department. The Galaxy S4 will not the be the only phone to receive these new chips, but we still do not have sufficient information on which models Wolfson is manufacturing for Samsung at the moment.

 Wolfson CEO Mike Hickey said on the subject, "This is a significant milestone for Wolfson, and we are delighted to be making this announcement. Having worked closely with Samsung over recent years on their Galaxy range of tablets and smartphones, this agreement is a testament to our strong IP portfolio and our growing partnership, and we very much look forward to working closely together to continue to deliver exceptional audio in Samsung's smartphones and tablets."

 It is a shame that there isn't really a major audio benchmark, but those of you who don't know yet, the Galaxy S4 is currently the best smartphone in turns of graphics

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