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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Galaxy S4 VS Note 2

Good evening....

             These two devices are currently the best that Samsung has to offer and I hope you are anxious to see the results of this Galaxy S4 vs Note 2 review! Now, it is true that the Note 2 is an older devices, but none the less if the Galaxy S4 cannot outmatch it then things aren't looking so bright for Samsung's latest smartphone. We will do this comparison as objectively as possible and once the new Galaxy Note 3 comes out we will pit it against the two as well.

 Let us start by looking at the general features, the body and design. The image bellow shows the body dimensions of the two devices. As you are aware of the Galaxy S4 is smaller, thinner and much lighter. It weighs around 130 grams, while the Note 2 weighs just around 180 grams. Both devices are built from plastic.
     The Galaxy Note 2 is as you know built to be this large on purpose. It is a mix between a phone and a tablet that fans like to call a "phablet". This makes comparing the two devices a bit harder, but nonetheless their performance and features can be compared regardless of this fact.

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