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Saturday, May 11, 2013

GPS Tracking

Car Gps Tracking is fairly common in new vehicles, providing drivers with tracking and navigation.
However, latest technology inventions have made car gps tracking systems more sophisticated, Smartbox technology
allowing for a wide range of additional uses.
is one example of how car gps tracking systems are being used to lower car insurance.A comprehensive recording of a driver's habits allows insurance companies to provide "pay-as-you-drive" car insurance. City officials in New York City are considering how car gps tracking could be used as "Drive Smart" technology. Most large cities have a limited capability to change the infrastructure of their roadways.A car gps tracking system that integrates with traffic information would give drivers the ability to select routes in real time that were more fuel efficient, less congested, faster or shorter.A driver's recorded routing selection could then be used to penalize or reward drivers by lowering or increasing their related licensing fees or by calculating mileage based "road-use" fees. Eventually, such a system would replace gasoline tax since these revenues will decline as more vehicles become less dependent on fossil fuels.

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