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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Train view app to highlight Scottish landscape


A new app is giving rail passengers the chance to learn about the landmarks they pass, turning the view through the window into an interactive learning experience.

View From The Train, which has been launched by the Scottish Government,
helps tablet and smartphone users understand the natural landscape as the train makes its way to its destination.
At the press of the button, passengers will receive information about the Scottish countryside as it comes into view.
Developed by Scottish Natural Heritage, the app gives the experience of an interactive guidebook which has relevance to the current point of the train journey.
The app is narrated by Mark Stephen of BBC Radio Scotland’s Out of Doors show, and BBC Scotland’s, Fiona MacDonald.
Routes covered so far include Edinburgh to Aberdeen, Edinburgh to Inverness(via Inverkeithing), Edinburgh to Inverness (via Stirling), Glasgow to Inverness, Glasgow to Aberdeen, and Glasgow to Oban

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