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Monday, June 10, 2013

All-new 2014 Toyota Corolla revealed

After a teaser campaign revealing small details of the car one at a time, Toyota has now released the first full photos of the all-new 2014 Corolla

Likely to be known as the Corolla Altis in India, the car features aggressive styling and sporty detailing. Based on the Furia concept car showcased at the Detroit motor show in January, the new car has been specifically designed to appeal to a younger audience.
Some of the radical detailing from the Furia has been toned down, but a lot of the core design influences have been retained. The prominent shoulder line, the kink in the window line and heavily creased bumpers remain, and this gives the new car a sharper look. The wraparound tail-lamps are sharper and stretch onto the heavily sculpted boot. Also carried over is the Furia’s very modern, tightly stretched skin. The carmaker's focus seems to have been on chiselling the previous car’s blunt looks, something we’ve already seen on cars like the new Camry.
The styling on the front of the car is the most radical. The kinked headlamps sit on either side of a narrow grille, while a much larger grille with black accents sits below it. The very angular headlamps feature LED elements and below them sit sharp, vertical housings for the fog lamps. However, the car that debuts in India may have styling that is slightly altered, and is likely to include a lot more chrome detailing. The detail that is of most significance, however, is that the wheelbase has been stretched to 2700mm, which is almost 100mm longer than the current car and, incidentally, identical to that of the Honda Civic. Toyota says this has resulted in 75mm of added length in the rear seat.
The engines that power this new Corolla are expected to be similar to the ones that power the car currently on sale in India. Both the 1.8 petrol and the 1.4 diesel will be updated to improve performance and power delivery. The 1.8 petrol gets dual VVTi, as earlier, where the valve timing on
both the intake and exhaust are infinitely variable, helping the car deliver more power and performance. Both the engine and gearing are likely to be optimised to make the new Corolla more efficient and there will be a seven-step CVT-based automatic gearbox, similar to the one on the current car. The 1.4 diesel will carry on with the variable geometry turbo seen on the current Altis, and while power isn’t expected to cross 90bhp, Toyota is working hard to improve driveability.
Levels of efficiency will be improved on both petrol and diesel with the addition of an all-new electric power steering system which typically improves efficiency by 3-5 percent; not a big saving if you think of it in terms of a tank of fuel, but a huge saving over the lifespan of the car.
The interiors are all-new, though. They have been given the new Toyota family look with multiple colours, textures and surfaces. The instrument cluster is dominated by three smart, chrome-ringed dials in a hooded binnacle, and the new centre console has a large touchscreen display, an engine starter button, and a new layout for the climate control – all aimed at delivering a more upmarket feel.
Like the exteriors, the insides will get sporty touches as well – while the version of the car expected in India is likely to have lighter beige interiors, Toyota may also provide the option of a sportier two-tone package.
You will have to wait a bit to get your hands on the stunning new Corolla – Toyota is expected to launch it in early 2014, with a further update to engines expected in late 2015

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