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Sunday, June 16, 2013

iOS 7 beta: Zoom while recording video in Apple's Camera app

Developers discovering the features of iOS 7 beta have shot video showing off the new Zoom feature

for video shooting on iPhone
The new feature is reported to works exactly the same as zooming in on stills via. a two-finger pinch motion on the screen.
An issue with the new feature is the image quality when using the zoom, "because there is no optical zoom on the iPhone's tiny image sensor, image quality is greatly reduced when the picture is zoomed completely in," AppleInsider reports.
iOS 7 was announced at Apple's WWDC 2013 conference earlier this week, revealing a whole host of new features for the operating system that is currently still in beta mode.
Another photo-related feature appears with the new Photos app, which automatically categorises your photos, videos, and panoramas into seperate folders.
AppleInsider states that the new zoom feature does not affect the processing time once the film is shot.
This new feature could work very well with the rumoured 13MP camera that could come with the iPhone 5s.

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