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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The best" CPA " websites for making money

In this article, we are going to see top 10 best high paying CPA Networks or Sites to make more money in 2013. Well CPA stands for Cost Per Action and there are lots of CPA sites online which pays you to complete on offer. Thus if you are an affiliate marketer then CPA is a great way to promote lots of great products and services on your blog or site and get paid per action or lead rather then having to make sales. It combines the publishers and advertisers together and then tracks any leads the publisher sends to the advertiser. So here are the top 10 high paying CPA networks to make more money in this year. Have a look!

1. MaxBounty

MaxBounty is a very famous CPA website. If you are looking for a reliable affiliate network to promote your products then this CPA network is best for you. MAxBounty’s maximum payout is $50.

2. Adscend Media

This company was founded in 2009 and it has 250+ affiliate programs that you can use for promotion. This CPA network is trusted by millions of people in the world that’s why it stands on the second position in the list of Top 10 High Paying CPA Networks to Make More Money.

3. NeverBlue

Another well known and trusted CPA network. This CPA network is founded in the year of 2004. NeverBlue is also gettin very high traffic this year as compared to 2012. NeverBlue is one of my favorite CPA networks.

4. PeerFly

Another awesome and one of my favorite CPA network. This site is one of the oldest CPA networks. They are currently accept publishers from all countries, in any vertical, and almost any type of traffic.

5. Clickbooth

Clickbooth till remains one of the top revenue generating networks in the world. Clickbooth is based in Sarasota in Florida. This CPA network starts in the year of 2004. This site is very good.

6. CPA Lead

CPA Lead is situated in Las Vegas and it was founded in the year of 2006. This CPA site is very very profitable for advertiser as well as publishers also.

7. RevenueStreet

Another awesome and mu favorite CPA website. This network includes Cost Per Action as well as Pay Per Click also. It also reports all referrals and commission on real-time basis. You can earn very high amount through RevenueStreet.

8. Convert2Media

Convert2Media is founded by Steve Howe. They made payments by Paypal. Convert2Media is the only best direct marketing tools that are used by its affiliates. It stands on the eight position in the list of Top 10 High Paying CPA Networks to Make More Money.

9. W4

W4 mainly focuses on buying customers but not on clicks and they are known for successful campaigns and excellent technology. It is used by large number of people in the world, that’s why it stands on the ninth position in the list of Best High Paying CPA Networks.

10. Adknoledge

Last but not the least. Adknoledge is founded in 2004. It also pays high amount to its publishers but the approval is little hard and the programs are limited to promote.

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